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Markiplier FNAF 3 Markiplier FNAF 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

OK so this scared the crud out of me (1:30) having said that its not hard to do! but a part from totally creeping me out and not letting me sleep for a few nights i really enjoyed it! and i really hope if he hasn't already that mark sees this and what i liked most about this is that the look style you gave mark reminded me a lot of Luigi! i love Luigi! so its probably the most (longest Well done for that!)amazing Markiplier animation I've seen in some time would have given you 5 but the smoothness of it in the first part was a little rough but apart from that I loved it!

skylegend01 responds:

Thank you for the comment I greatly appreciate it and yes Mark has seen it. It wasn't featured in his videos but he did add it to his liked videos. I'm glad you liked Mark's design because many of Mark's fans are not in favor of it lol.