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2016-01-04 16:24:06 by Cocopopz

HERES MY NEW PAGE : I'll not be active on this page any more

Another update

2015-12-11 21:00:28 by Cocopopz

Hey all 

I'm here once again to tell you about the new song coming out soon "Paint Balls" which I've litaraly just finished Its a fast paced song since i felt like going back to fast paced stuff so I'll up load it tomorrow...uuh...which is today since my clock reads one o'clock...huh welp ima go sleep now will upload it soon(as i have gotten sleep heh...) Bye!



2015-12-05 08:03:43 by Cocopopz

Hey all!. I've finaly found some stuff I can create my music on again!(well at least untill my other softwear gets an update) It was so fun seeing all the new stuff that i could use and mess about with so i'll be uploading one or maybe two songs this week! hope You guys enjoy! P.S Megaplier has just got over 3,000 Veiws!!! THATS INSAIN I know that its probably because of the fact its made for mark and nearly every body here on NG know or Like the Guy but still they did click on my music so for that i'm grateful! BIG THANKS to all and I'll Speak to you in the next update! Bye!





2015-11-29 10:19:04 by Cocopopz

Sorry about the late upload!!!


I don't upload saturday! and I really don't have a way to get out of this one but i really did just lose track of time the week ends are soooo short too short! but I i did make it to my uploading dead line it's still Sunday...i think... Ho! you guys probably don't know what i mean by upload dead line well really all it is is some thing to keep me from being lazy i upload some thing every week end wether that be art or music (some times two things)for Saturday or Sunday but i normaly try to go for Saturday which is why i'm saying sorry but yeah the new song should have been out by now so go listen to that if you want... it helps out alot... BYE!




2015-11-19 13:53:39 by Cocopopz

So i've disided to work on a old music file that I did when I wanted to make a song dedicated to Mark (Markiplier) you can go and listen to the Original file on my sound cloud page in the contacts box below but i'll be uploading a extended version heads up!




2015-11-12 19:57:46 by Cocopopz

I cant wait untill my music softwere is i can mess about with some new awesome stuff...i'm really tried anyway i'll probably only be active on fridays to sundays and maybe thursday nights because thats the only time i'm free got some awesome stuff for tomorrow...or today which is probably when your reading this..heh i'm going to try some new drawings thats if they go well if they don't i'll probably bin them but hopfully they wont end up that bad i'll probably draw them a few times as well to get the hang of it...Bye!



Hello! once again!

2015-11-08 10:53:29 by Cocopopz

So there my not be much happening for a while(in terms of the music side of the page)...well untill i can find new stuff to create because i'm pretty much out of ideas on what i can do because i dont have the right sounding synths to support the good ideas i have and because of that it's limmited me to...well the last four songs i’ve uploaded but i'll get that part of my page up and running again!(just as soon as i find away round it heh...heh) but i'll be relasing some sketches soon! i've never really drawn properly so please be gentle with you criticism…but yeah thats whats been happening and i know i’ve said it in almost all of my entries but i really do mean it thank you to every one that has listened to my latest song! its half way to 200 plays! in fact if i add all current plays together thats an insain 463! PLAYS! so Thankyou! and untill the next update Bye!


Hey All!

2015-11-07 07:11:54 by Cocopopz

...Well that sucks my computer just crashed...AGAIN now i'm going to have to write this all again... :( *sighs*

Anyway so i've been looking in to things for the future and i think i've got a few things i'm going to do One of them being that there defiantly will be a song coming out for next valentins day (Random i know but that’s what I’m all about!)it's a bit of a different style but i think people will enjoy it... Ho right! THAT’S EPIC Thanks a TUN to the people who have listened to my lastest track i've just seen its gone over a hundred plays! its a real flutter for me because i've been planing all this stuff i want to do but not uploading as much and i feel like i should be since so many people like my stuff but don’t worry i defiantly will be uploading something to day! if not two thing’s one of them being an art side thingy that i’ve been wanting to do for some time now and that will consist of pretty much every type of art new grounds cover so craft and photography (this will be for my craft side of stuff only) and some sketching so yeah so until the next update CHAW!



2015-11-05 14:45:19 by Cocopopz


Well...this is a Situation i didnt think i'd be in...

So Frost Bite (my second song) has gone past one hundred plays which to me just AMAZING! and the only things i can think of doing in retern is saying thank you first of all to everyone who listened to it and to any of my other songs really but this also made me realise that i should probably upload some more new songs pretty soon as a way of saying thank you but also i haven't uploaded somthing in a few days so expect new stuff very soon! and one right now! i'm gonna stop typing here and go upload the sodding thing! Thanks again!




2015-11-02 11:51:41 by Cocopopz

Hi this is just a brief up date opon the new content i will be hoping to make and upload

First of I'd just like to say i will be doing more music soon...(hopfully)but i'm thinking of doing some art also however before i can do any of the ideas i have thought of i need to find a good source on which i can draw and upload with ease.  i also need a new source for my music for the source I’m using is starting to limit my creativity and on top of all of that i have a college to attend sooooo on the hole bear with me! and i will get some new stuff for people to enjoy soon...Bye!